Frequently asked questions

We engage in the emerging markets of Vendor Relationship Management which allows a customer to compare vendors.

Soogr is a price comparison website with a difference. Many price comparison websites require retailers to load their products and then they list the products and advertise them. Those sites are basically listing engines. We crawl websites and collect all the data automatically. We then list a product from the branded company (ie the importer or manufacturer) and from that page we list all the retailer links with the best price shown.

We also lists of brands and lists of retailers with a statistical summary about the best prices from a retailer. We offer:

  • Brand lists showing the brands in a particular retail sector.
  • Retailer lists for the brands with statistics.
  • Product listings with the best prices shown.

Sometimes prices do not vary at all, or very much. This is usually because price-fixing agreements prevent price variations. Soogr is not engaged in those agreements, we only report the prices.

You can order by clicking the price link and then ordering at the store site. You can also order at our website and when the entire order is finalised it can be sent to the store for completion.
Brands are loosely speaking manufacturers, but today manufacturers are often importers or distributors. That is because many goods are made overseas and then assembled and branded by a distribution company. The goods are sold by retailers and retailers sell to trades people and to end consumers.

The database has all the possible product prices for the brand and then the best prices from retailers. If a product is not sold by a retailer then you will the number of possible brand prices to be more than the number of possible best prices. Parts not sold by retailers may include spare parts, very small items, or sometimes special items. Such items can be ordered usually by directly contacting a retailer.

  • Number of Brand Prices - all possible for the brand
  • Number of Best Prices - all possible from all the retailers and then itemised.
  • Difference - sometimes retailers will not advertise some goods for a brand because those goods are not standard retail products.

There is a search box which allows a part number or description to be entered. Search by:

  • Part Number
  • Description
  • Brand

In case you haven't found the answer for your question please feel free to contact us , our customer support will be happy to help you.